The Foundation Bulgarian Academy for Innovation Technologies (BAIT) is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-political organization, legal entity under Bulgarian law, established with the purpose of carrying out public utility activities based on the power of information technology and innovation.

The main objective of the Foundation Bulgarian Academy for Innovation Technologies (BAIT) is to work actively in the fields related to Bulgarian medicine, genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, agrarian economy and food industry. By realizing the high potential of the high-tech spheres of the economy, BAIT aims to increase the productivity, add value, and respond quickly to market trends, improving the quality and safety, and thus the income and quality of life, integration of modern scientific approaches and technologies in the Bulgarian medicine, drastically reducing pollution to sustainable levels.

The Foundation Bulgarian Academy for Innovation Technologies (BAIT) was established in April 2003 and continues to offer scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial innovation for the application of genetic, molecular-biological and genomic approaches in solving major scientific problems in various fields: genetics, genomics, medicine, biotechnology, agriculture and the food industry to make them more competitive and modern, aimed at achieving of high quality through less resources and without harming the environment.

Since the beginning of 2019, the BAIT Foundation has also been registered with the National Center for Information and Documentation in the Register of Scientific Activity in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Academy for Innovative Technologies (BAIT), led by its conviction for the successful implementation of digital technologies and innovations, provides sustainable solutions for development in the public and private sectors. Encourages activities in three priority areas:

– Business and Entrepreneurship;

– High-tech Innovation;

– Education and Work Skills;

The Bulgarian Academy for Innovative Technologies (BAIT) has successfully established partnerships with civil society organizations, trade enterprises, institutions, communities and leaders who actively advocate respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

BAIT Foundation strives to initiate community awareness events, create conditions for a favorable business environment, to encourage young people developing research, to support creative events in preventive medicine and entrepreneurial ideas in the agrarian and food industries. It helps to ensure access to funding under the European Innovation Partnership.

The headquarters of the Foundation Bulgarian Academy of Innovation Technologies (BAIT) is located at: Bulgaria, Burgas Region, Burgas Municipality, 8000, Burgas, 4, Anushka Dragieva Str., Ent. A.

The property of the Foundation is derived from the initial donation by the Founders, subsequent donations to the Foundation members, donations and wills from Bulgarian and foreign natural and legal persons, in the form of cash, movable and immovable property, subsidies, dividends, interest, income derived from the development of projects, programs, publications, surveys, consultations, publishing and advertising. The Foundation’s revenue may be spent solely for the purpose and the disposal of cash and other property may only be made by decision of the competent governing body of the Foundation and in accordance with the Statute of the Foundation and for the made donations in accordance with the will of the donors.

The governing bodies are: the Founding Board and the Management Board. The Founders designate the Executive Director.