Innovation is a Creative Solution with Guaranteed Positive Change for the Society


The Foundation Bulgarian Academy for Innovation Technologies (BAIT) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to innovative projects and technologies, challenges, novelties and best practices in the fields of the agriculture, food industry, environment, precision medicine, genomics and bioinformatics.

Given the scale and the corresponding production opportunities in an open world market, the Foundation Bulgarian Academy for Innovation Technologies (BAIT) offers scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial innovations for the application of genetic, molecular-biological and genomic approaches in solving major scientific problems in various fields: genetics, genomics, medicine, biotechnology, agriculture and the food industry, to make them more competitive and modern, aimed at achieving more quality products, with less resources and without sacrificing the environment.

The Foundation Bulgarian Academy for Innovation Technologies (BAIT) supports the creation of “digital innovation hubs” in the fields of medicine, genetics, bioinformatics, agriculture, food industry and ecology in Bulgaria, which give access to the latest knowledge, experience and technologies for testing and innovation.

In its more than 15-year history, the BAIT Foundation has worked with a number of Bulgarian scientists on various projects for which a number of patents have been obtained:


  • education

Education and Work Skills

Education and Work Skills We carry out educational events in order to raise the awareness and skills of citizens. We organize participation in congresses, symposia, seminars. We participate in scientific, applied and other research at [...]

  • innovations

High-tech Innovation

High-tech Innovation We support creative ideas and new solutions in high-tech methods for developing innovations in medicine, genetics, genomics, biotechnology, ecology, agrarian and food industries are the guiding principles that we follow in our work. [...]

  • Business and Entrepreneurship

Business and Entrepreneurship

Business and Entrepreneurship We, the team of the Bulgarian Academy for Innovative Technologies (BAIT), promote entrepreneurial initiatives with public and private organizations that develop their activities in high-tech methods for precision medicine, genetics, genomics, biotechnology, agriculture, [...]