In its more than 15-year history, the BAIT Foundation has worked with a number of Bulgarian scientists on various projects for which a number of patents have been obtained:

In the field of agriculture: different technologies for production of enrichment and soil stabilizer.

In the field of nanotechnology – Method for producing diamond single crystals; Method for synthesis of diamond single crystals; Method for detonation synthesis of nanodiamond; Method for producing an ultra-fine diamond.

In the field of medicine – Method for producing embryonic tissues; Erythrocyte mass preservation method; Method for preserving human neutrophil granulocytes; Method of inhibiting the cellular agglomeration of cryo-damaged nuclear cells.

In the field of food industry – Method for producing elastic beverages; Method for dry salting and maturing of non-crushed meat products; Method for Making dry yeast; Method for preparing a starter bacterial preparation for the meat industry; Method for making fruit dessert block; Method of producing food in tablet form.